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January 17, 2014

Members and Friends:

The 34th IAH Annual Meeting
will be held at the Anderson University Flagship Center
March 8, 2014!

The Anderson University Flagship Center is off I-69 exit 222, at 2705 Enterprise Drive, Anderson, Indiana.

The Annual Meeting Registration Form is here

Conflict and Transformation

The year 2014 marks the centenary of the outbreak of World War One and the fiftieth anniversary of the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964. Both of these transformative events represented the culmination of powerful social, political, and cultural trends, while they simultaneously initiated processes of change (and renewed conflict) whose impact continues to be felt around the globe.

Lawrence Sondhaus, Professor of History, University of Indianapolis,will provide the keynote address. The author of many influential works on the Austro-Hungarian military and the Great War, his recent comprehensive history of that conflict, World War One: The Global Revolution, offers an exciting new critique of the complex course and manifold, continuing consequences of that struggle.

For more information, contact IAH president and 2014 program chair:

David T. Murphy, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Anderson University

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Allow me to encourage your involvement in the IAH.  The study of history is a vitally important endeavor, and the IAH promotes that endeavor.  Since 1980, the association has brought together those engaged in a variety of historical pursuits.  The annual meeting, held early in the year,  and the Thornbrough Lecture,  held every fall at Butler University, provide opportunities for collegial fellowship and for sharing recent scholarship.  The History Educators Network of Indiana (HENI) is another way to network with historians throughout the state.  As an old IAH brochure put it, ”if you love history and wish to engage with others your passion, the Indiana Association of Historians is for you.”

1.    You can join or renew your membership by downloading the membership form or by simply providing your name, professional affiliation,  address,  and email along with a $15 check payable to “The Indiana Association of Historians.” Mail your membership to: Joel D. Shrock, Anderson University, 1100 E. Fifth St., Anderson, IN  46012.

2.    Visit this web site to keep up to date on the association’s coming activities:  the Thornbrough Lecture at Butler University in the fall and the annual meeting at the University of Indianapolis early next month.

3.    Be a supporter of the IAH and contribute to the special funds that promote the special-focus work of the organization (donations can be made by mailing a check):

a.    History Education Fund (ICHE; HENI)

b.    Public Advocacy Fund

c.    Taylor Lecture Fund

d.    Thornbrough Lecture Fund

4.  Be an active recruiter for the association by inviting colleagues to participate.

5.  Become involved in the association as a councilor or officer.  Please indicate your interests in this kind of contribution to the 2012 president, Matthew N. Vosmeier,  at .

Best regards,

Matthew N. Vosmeier

Hanover College